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Axium Label / Media Presenter for SMT & Automation
July 26, 2015
SSF Series Tape Feeders for SIPLACE D/HS/HF/S/F/C
July 29, 2015
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QF Series Tape Feeders for OEM & Automation

• Drop in compatibility
• Easily customized for custom automation integrations
• Electronic pitch selection
• Smooth tape index
• Reversible tape index drive
• Deeper pocket depth
• Programmable custom pick-point
• On-board self-diagnostics and maintenance tools

Available Sizes8 - 120mm
Max Reel Sizes8/12mm: 15 Inch
16/24/32/44/56mm: 15 or 18 Inch
72/88/104/120mm: 18 Inch
Max Pocket Depth8mm: 4mm
12mm: 6.5mm
16/24/32/44/56/72/88mm: 19mm
104/120mm: 22mm


QF Series, Fuji Compatible tape feeders are designed for reliable operation in a light-weight, ergonomic design. They require very low maintenance while accommodating tape widths up to 120 mm as well as deep pocket components. Hover-Davis QF Series feeders come with useful diagnostic and maintenance tools.

QF Series feeders offer versatile electronic multipitch operation. Pitch selection via a selector button means that a single feeder can be used for several component pitch types. The result is that less feeder inventory is required compared to traditional fixed pitch feeders.

Their smooth, motor-driven feeder advance is electronically controlled. This leads to fewer component mispicks. QF Series also offers a reversible tape index drive – easily controlled via push button. Indispensable when loading or unloading, this feature can dramatically reduce component loss.

Two standard reel sizes are available, 15″ or 18″. Maximum pocket depth is between 4 mm and 22 mm, depending on tape width (8 mm up to 120 mm). This eliminates the need for custom feeders.

Compatible with Fuji IP/QP2/QP3/XP and new platforms (w/ MFU adapter) as well as custom automation applications.

Product Brochure

Download our QF Series Feeder product brochure for offline review of product features and general technical specifications.

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