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DDF Innova Direct Die Feeder
July 25, 2015
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MP Series Tape Feeder for Panasonic CM/NPM

High-performance original design, not simply a copy!

• Single feeder model delivers complete 01005 to 1210 component range
• Tuned motion profiles improve pick rates of 01005/0201, LED, SOIC, SOT
• Tape biasing springs reduce vibration and jumping, improving pick rates
• Open-slot tape window and self-closing latch reduces load time by 50%
• Tooth wheel position eliminates strip tape leader, reduces scrap
• Single-piece side covers facilitate smooth insertion with no binding
• Exclusive tape reservoir design provides visual warning when 80% full
• Individual pitch LCD display for each track reduces setup time
• Lifetime lubrication gear train technology eliminates routine maintenance
• Sensors automatically tune position, eliminating routine calibration
• Stepper motors deliver fast, repeatable performance over 500 million cycles
• Precise tolerances and seals; easy-access egress port prevents jamming
• On-board diagnostics, user-serviceable modular design
• Technology common with SSF, MP, iON – Proven design, common parts
• 2-year comprehensive warranty, worldwide support infrastructure

Size8 mm (Dual Track)
Weight2.4 Kg
Component Range01005 to 1210
Component Tape TypePaper or Embossed
Maximum Pocket Depth3.2 mm with Embossed Tape
Splice Detection SensorStandard
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The MP Series 8mm dual-track feeder provides exclusive features and benefits that reduce operating costs, extend the feeder lifecycle, and improve Panasonic machine utilization, performance and yield.

Compatible with Panasonic NPM & CM Pick & Place Machines

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