MP Series Tape Feeder



Compatible with Panasonic® CM & NPM Series Placement Machines


  • Plug & Play compatibility
  • Broad component feed range
  • Quick and easy tape loading with reverse indexing
  • Reliable, motor tape drive and electronic pitch control
  • Multiple speed modes for optimal component feeding stability
  • Simple, electronic pick point adjustment and calibration
  • Large capacity cover tape reservoir with full alert
  • Maintenance-free drive train components
  • Status displays and on-board diagnostics
  • User serviceable modular design
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty
MP Dual Track feeders from Hover-Davis deliver outstanding value, enhance line efficiency and operation productivity. Each Hover-Davis feeder is designed and produced using our decades of component feeder technology experience. Far from being copies, the MP Dual Track 8mm feeders introduce unique features that simplify operation, improve component delivery and reduce feeder loading time.

Electric stepper motor and control technology assures fast, smooth and repeatable indexing with multiple speed options.

Component loading is simplified with exclusive shutter-less top load design, eliminating complicated cover tape threading. Component loss during loading is minimized with electronic pitch change control and sensor technology.

MP feeders are plug & play compatible with CM and NPM series placement machines and require no modifications or programming changes. Included splice detection sensors ensure consistent operator performance.

Hover-Davis feeders are designed for complete user serviceability. Maintenance-free drive train and modular construction facilitate simple, pit- stop service and maximum productivity.

As with all Hover-Davis products, MP tape feeders are supported by our global sales and service network. A comprehensive 2-year warranty package and readily available spare parts ensure ownership peace of mind and investment protection.