Custom Automation Feeders

Introducing Hover-Davis’ component delivery solutions for custom automation applications. Our expanded suite of proven component feeders is available for a seamless and simple integration in your automation project now.

Every Hover-Davis feeder is designed and manufactured in the USA using our proprietary electric motor drive and control systems; providing you the highest level of performance and reliability as well as a straightforward integration.

  • Accurate, stable and reliable electric motor drive system.
  • Quick and easy tape loading, electronic tape pitch selection.
  • Simple, electronic pick point adjustment and calibration.
  • Feeder status display and user control panel.
  • Modular, design, completely user serviceable.
  • Supported by worldwide network of trained representatives.

SA Series tape feeders for 8mm up to 56mm paper & embossed pocket tape with advanced communication protocol for increased control and application flexibility.

  • 8mm triple lane, 12mm up to 56mm single lane for ANSI/EIA 481 tape.
  • Low profile form factor for wide range of integration options.
  • Selectable speed modes for optimal advance stability.
  • Integrated cover tape collection reservoir with easy access door.
  • Open source 8-bit ASCII Code communication & control and signal protocol.
  • SAFP Robotic Interface Module with feeder slot plate and Serial, USB, signal cable output (PLC) options for expanded integration capabilities.

QF Series tape feeders for 8mm up to 120mm paper & embossed pocket tape and simple signal control designed for plug-and-play integration.

  • 8mm to up 120mm, supports paper or embossed ANSI/EIA 481 tape.
  • Integrated Reel Holder options for up to 27” reels.
  • Simple signal control for Programmable Logic Controller integration.
  • Deep pocket, large tape window options for odd-form components.
  • High toque motors for heavy, large reel applications.
  • MPFP Robotic Interface Module with feeder slot plate and signal cable output available for simple drop-in integration.

AXIUM Series Media Presenters for labels and adhesive backed media 3mm up to 58mm.

  • Presents labels, insulators and other adhesive backed media fed on 3mm up to 58mm liner tape.
  • Generic Media Platform is adjustable for media size and liner tape change.
  • Selectable speed modes for optimal advance stability.
  • Durable presentation deck material requires no maintenance.
  • Integrated Reel Holder, scrap liner tape collection wheel options.
  • Simple, closed loop system uses label presence sensor to trigger advance.
  • Robotic Interface Module options for simple, drop-in integration.

Innova Direct Die Feeder for wafer packaged devices .7mm up to 11mm.

  • Extracts devices from 100mm up to 300mm wafers.
  • Presents .7mm up to 11mm devices for pickup in direct or flip-chip orientation using stepper motor driven shuttle.
  • Eliminates intermediary packaging process complexity and cost.
  • Advanced multi-axis control, integrated vision system.
  • Vertical orientation architecture minimizes footprint while eliminating defective die contamination.
  • Intuitive touchscreen graphical user interface.
  • Electronic Wafer Mapping option for improved quality and lot control.
  • Integration available for SMT pick and place machines and custom automation cells.